Stuart Harrison



Academic Research
'Smarter Stay, Smarter Go: Bushfire recovery design research project, 2009
Designing Appropriately: Masters by Project, 2007
Welcome to Fountain Gate:Undergraduate Thesis, 1998

Building Reviews
Tigerland - Richmond Football Club, AR, 2011
Melbourne Rectangular Stadium, AR, 2010
Australian Pavilion EXPO 2010, Wood Marsh, ADR/AR
Fitrzroy High School, MCR, ADR/AR
Dandenong High School, Hayball, AR
Caroline Springs Sports Stadium, Suters, AR
Sussan / Sportsgirl Headquarters, Richmond, Durbach Block, AR
Teaching Architecture - New fitouts at three universities, AA, 2009
Bendigo Police Station, FMSA, AR
Automotive Centre for Excellence, Melbourne Docklands, Lyons, AR
Innocent Bystander Winery, Healesville, IPH, AR
Wheatsheaf House, Jesse Judd Architect, Architecture Review Australia
St Michael's Grammar School Extension, Architectus, Architecture Review Australia
Old House, Jackson Clement Burrows, Architecture Review Australia (AR)
Bates Smart: 150 years of Australian Architecture - Book Review, Monument
Watergate Apartments Elenberg Fraser, Monument
Green St Houses, Neil & Idle Architects, Monument
2parthouse, BKK Architects, Architecture Review Australia

Exhibition and Book Reviews
Boom Town 2050, Richard Weller, 2009 (AR)
Shelter: On Kindness, RMIT Gallery, 2010 (AR)
Transport for Suburbia, Paul Mees, 2010 (AR)
LITE II Exhibition Review, Monument
Cosmopolitan Ground, by Terroir - Book Review, ARa
Content - OMA/Rem Koolhaas - Book Review, Monument

Words on Buildings: the role of text on civic buildings
Celebrating Civicness in Modern Architectural Language through Arcading
Cross Patterning in the Suburban Church
Melbourne Architecture: A brief history and state of affairs - for Lonely Planet Melbourne Guide
Some Post-War Sports Buildings (in Victoria), Architect Victoria, 2003
White Steel: The sports building works of Philip Cox, from 1977 and their global influence

Constellations: A Large number of Small drawings, RMIT Gallery, Apr-Jun 2010
Baking Architecture (2009 State of Design)
Advertisments for Architecture, 2009 and 2010
Ice Hotel Suite, Sweden, Dec 2005 - Apr 2006
Pavilions for New Architecture, Monash Museum of Modern Art, Sep/Oct 2005
Faites de la Lumiere Exhibition, Melbourne, 15th June 2002
RAIA Small Exhibition (with Graham Crist), Nov 2000

Print Interviews
Thom Mayne
Peter Cook
Jean Nouvel

Books & Magazines
Forty-six square metres of land doesn't normally become a house, Thames & Hudson, 2011
A Place in the Sun, Thames & Hudson, 2010
Preter- RMIT Architecture Major (Thesis) Projects 2002-2003
Architect Victoria Summer 2003
‘Tight’ – Architect Victoria Jan/Feb 2002
Eclispe- Major Projects 1998-99

Radio & TV
ABC Art Nation - Good, Bad or Ugly
The Architects on Triple R FM
Podcasts 2007 onwards
Show Archive 2004-2006
Venice Biennale Interviews
Selected Interviews

Harrison and White Architects
Stuart Harrison Architect Project Archive 1994-2006

RMIT Architecture
MADA - Monash Art and Design
Rory Hyde
Super Colossal
City of Sound
Australian Design Review